Terms of Service

Terms of Service

The Terms of Service (“Terms”) describe the services (“service” or “services”) provided by AltQuick.co (“us” or “we” or “our” or “AltQuick.co” or “AltQuick.co”) to you as an individual or business (“you” or “your”). Your use of our services is subjected to the terms outlined below and are legally binding when using AltQuick.co.

Terms of Service updated 7/29/2013 - Buy holds must now be paid within 3 hours.

Terms of Service updated 8/7/2013 - SEPA Transfer now accepted

Terms of Service updated 8/25/2013 - Unpaid buyer holds will result in bans. Updated buyer and seller terms.

Terms of Service updated 11/18/2013 - SEPA transfer will be processed in 1-2 business days as opposed to 24-48 hours. Seller terms also updated.

Terms of Service updated 11/24/2013 - 9,999 USD/EUR unique transaction size limit.

Terms of Service updated 2/7/2014 - Any suspicious transactions may be subject to photo identification.


Seller: You are a seller if you list bitcoin for sale using our sell page (AltQuick.co/sell)

Buyer: You are a buyer if you set a buy hold for bitcoin using our buy page (AltQuick.co/buy or AltQuick.co/orderinfo)

Bitcoin: P2P internet commodity further described at http://www.bitcoin.org

Who We Are / Who We Are Not

We are a service that helps to connect holders of Bitcoin (“sellers”) with holders of FIAT currencies (“buyers”).

We are not an MSB. AltQuick.co does not buy, sell, exchange or adminsiter Bitcoin. We do not provide a Money Transmission Service. For more information on what constitutes an MSB, please visit the official FinCEN website.

Buyer Terms

By putting a buyer hold on an order, you agree to pay the described sum (Sell Dollar Value) into the provided bank account via cash deposit or SEPA transfer within 3 hours the same business day (“on time”). You agree the Bitcoin will not be used for illegal purposes. Unpaid orders are cleared regularly. If the cash deposit or SEPA transfer receipt is not received on time, the seller and AltQuick.co are no longer responsible for the release of any Bitcoin or the return of FIAT. If you miss being on time for your payment, you may place a new buy hold. Having 3 or more unpaid buyer holds within a 72 hour time period will result in a ban from AltQuick.co. Bans can be appealed by contacting [email protected].

If the cash deposit or SEPA transfer receipt is received on time, Bitcoin will be released to the buyer’s provided Bitcoin address within 24 hours, usually instantly. SEPA transfers may take up to 2 business days to confirm.

Wire transfers, ACH transfers and any other payment method not listed above are strictly unauthorized and AltQuick.co and the seller will not be responsible for dispersal of Bitcoin if such payment methods are used.

Holds may not exceed greater than 9,999 USD or EUR (depending on the base currency of the order) in one purchase.

Any suspicious holds, especially larger transactions, may be subject to government issued photo identification. This is only subject to AltQuick.co discretion. Failure to present identification upon request can result in Bitcoin funds not being released.

Seller Terms

By placing a sell order (submitting the form on AltQuick.co/sell), you agree to send the provided Bitcoin sum to the provided escrow address by AltQuick.co. Once the Bitcoin sum is received into the escrow address, the sell order will be listed and available for buyers to view on AltQuick.co.

You may modify the price of your sell order, but it will not affect the price of any current buyer holds pending. You must use your modification PIN.

To cancel a sell order and remove your Bitcoin from the escrow address and back to your original address, email [email protected]. You must include your modification PIN in the email. A .02 BTC fee will be deduced from the withdrawal sum.

Sellers are responsible for following their own regulations in their own legal jurisdictions. AltQuick.co is not responsible for your adherence to financial regulations. Please be aware some jurisdictions have Know Your Customer laws for transactions greater than $1,000. AltQuick.co is not responsible for any holds, unauthorized charges or changes made to your bank account, such as a hold placed on your account by your banking institution. AltQuick.co is not responsible for unauthorized deposits into your account or payment reversals. Sellers must also be able to confirm deposits from the AltQuick.co Support Team within 3 hours upon request or AltQuick.co will not carry financial liability for processing fraudulent orders. Otherwise, the AltQuick.co Support Team has you covered! As long as the seller terms are adhered to, all processed payments are guaranteed.


We will never sell or redistribute your data, except when required by law enforcement authorities with appropriate jurisdiction. Any data collected is used solely for processing orders placed by sellers and buyers.

AltQuick.co is not responsible for the misuse of any data provided publically on AltQuick.co. The collecting of data for purposes other than conducting orders on AltQuick.co is strictly prohibited. AltQuick.co has the right to deny service to any customers if illegal activity is suspected at the sole discretion of AltQuick.co.

Contacting Us

We can reached by email 24/7 at [email protected].